We follow a rigorous research methodology

  • We employ a very rigorous and methodical approach to finding the best candidates for our clients
  • Our research team is highly qualified and has strong familiarity with all of the key geographical locations
  • Our team is attuned to which cultural backgrounds have the most success rate from an adaptability point of view
  • Our search consultants are intimately involved in the research process to ensure high quality


We thrive to come up with creative and unconventional solutions for our clients

  • We have demonstrated the ability to find high-calibre candidates from geographies which have traditionally not been on the radar screen of many of the leading global executive search firms or where the executive search industry is not as professional as in mature markets.
  • In addition to sourcing talent from traditional markets such as the US and Western Europe, we have successfully attracted and hired senior executives and highly qualified candidates from countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines